September 30th, 2015


Excited to announce I’ll be exhibiting in a massive collage group show, Cutting Class, curated by Emiko and Adrian Velazco, showing 18 artists, with live collaging at the opening!


Cutting Class brings together the best of the best – the mad scientists, evil geniuses, telepaths, psychics and the architects of the impossible. It will change your definition of the word “collage” and you’ll be amazed to see what’s possible with the medium.

There will be over a hundred collages in a wide variety of styles and techniques across different genres: lowbrow, highbrow, horror, sci fi, fantastical bestiaries, psychedelic landscapes, widely spaced, tightly clustered, minimal, maximal and everything in between. Some works are calming and sedate, while others may be chaotic and terrifying.

Get up close and personal with all of the intricate cuts, tears, overlapping pieces of paper, glue stains and fingerprints. You’ll leave the show wondering what you just saw and wanting to try collage for yourself.”



Friday, Oct 23rd, 7PM

Limited Ink Studios
5335 Santa Monica BLVD
Los Angeles, CA, 90029