June 23rd, 2015

Rocco Moon Album Art

2015-05-26 10:53




Heavy Gel & Rocco Moon
Date: 2015
Media: Digital collage

I’ve been working on some album art for Los Angeles rapper, Rocco Moon for his latest album, IV U. There were several designs of this album cover, and I’m not sure which, if any will be the final album cover, but here is the most stripped down and simple version I made. His musicians collective all retain strong lunar icongraphy. He asked for collage elements, a science fiction theme, and a muted color palate, and we spent about a month trading images back and forth until we arrived here.

As a maximalist designer in favor of bold colors, large graphics, and generally more of everything, scaling this image back was hard for me, but I think the process and the results will influence me to try some calmer, quieter design decisions in the future.