February 27th, 2015



Intro To Photo Emulsion Screen Printing

Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2016

Intro To Photo Emulsion Screen Printing

Photo emulsion is a thick liquid substance that hardens when it is exposed to light. In this class we’ll be using stencils either made by hand from cardboard, or film transparacies to block out parts of our screen while exposing. The parts that are black or opaque will not get exposed and they will wash out, so ink can be passed through the screen and onto another surface (paper, fabric, ect!)

Heavy Gel is open to other print makers to use on an appointment basis, or monthly membership.

This introductory class serves as an orientation to our studio, so you can learn how to print, and are then welcome to come back and use the studio to work on more projects!


  • how to prep images for silk screens
  • about mesh counts for printing on various materials and details
  • coating and burning screens with photo emulsion
  • printing techniques
  • registering multiple colors
  • reclaiming and reusing screens

The studio will provide all the tools and equipment needed to print. Students will need to bring whatever materials they’d like to print on (paper, t shirts, wood, fabric, etc..)

Students will also get to choose the image they’d like to print! These can be photos, drawings, or paper cutouts. Images should be black and white or greyscale. Paper cutouts can be on any color, but must be at least as thick as cardstock (not see thorugh when you hold it up to the light) Please e-mail images to info@heavygel.com prior to the class.

We will go over how to prep your images for silkscreening. Computer literacy is not required!

Wear clothes that can get inky ;D

Group discounts and special appointments available!








Mobile Screen Printing Lab: Sun Exposures

Sat, Jan 30th, 2016
This class is very similar to our introduction to screen printing class, but it focuses more on how to set up your own DIY studio or even a mobile screen printing space.

We will be using readily available, common tools, that you could use in your home or your own studio.

Topics covered:

-Calculating exposure times
-Mobile Water solutions
-Mobile Printing setups
-DIY multi color registration
-DIY curing methods

Wear sunscreen, we will be out in the sun a lot.