August 17th, 2015




Heavy Gel’s website just went through some re-vamping. For those who are interested- this website is build in WordPress. I’m using a theme called aav1, originally built by Aaron Adam. I have custom coded the hell out of it, and of course there are numerous plugins at play as well.

Any good website, and especially one of a high production artist/studio, should always be in a state of flux and updating. I update with new posts about what we’re up to, frequently, but the site also changes to reflect what’s happening with Heavy Gel and the people involved.

The design update does away with a distinction between portfolio and store, where everything is easily purchasable through paypal. I’ve done some back end structural work that makes it way simpler and streamlined for us to post and have it appear exactly as it should in the layout. It’s way cleaner and more organized.

I’ve finally found the time after 3 years of operating, organizing, moving around, and promoting this screen printing and design studio to really get back to work on my art practice outside of screen printing. I’ve been working on several new series of paintings and collages in addition to new art prints and gig posters. So in this web revamping Heavy Gel will now be selling some of that original work. For the moment, I’ve just put up a page of collages, but check back soon for more original art, artist books, and show updates.


August 12th, 2015

Jayes Caitlin Performance


Spacedust is a boutique store and gallery on Sunset BLVD in Echo Park. They carry an awesome selection of locally made clothing, art, zines, and jewelry.

They have become our newest stockist of art prints and t-shirts, so go check them out if you’re in LA.

The 14th-16 Spacedust is an Echo Park Rising host of many musical talents, they are booked solid all weekend. I will be performing a solo Jayes Caitlin & The XSE&E set on Sunday at 1:15.











August 11th, 2015


Artist: Jayes Caitlin
Date: 2015
Medium: Collage on paper, 2 separate sheets
Size: 9 x 12″ & 12 x 12″

Price: $75

Made during a Women’s Center for Creative Work collage night, following the creative prompts of Lucy Cook.




August 11th, 2015

No Parking Collage



Title: No Parking
Artist: Jayes Caitlin
Date: 2011
Medium: Magazine on no parking sign, collage
Size: 8.5 x 11″

Price: $75

June 23rd, 2015

Jayes Caitlin on Tumblr


I’ve been making some web changes to my personal art site,

I’ll be simplifying that site to use as more of a navigator to direct visitors more specifically towards art or music projects. I’ve been receiving feedback that it’s overwhelming and people trying to find just art or just music are getting lost and distracted. That was my original intention with the site- not to distract my visitors, but to have all my other non screen printing or design projects in one place. But the more stuff I make, the more overwhelming it’s becoming trying to find specific projects in a sea of colorful thumbnails. That being said, I still love that aesthetic and wanted to keep a page where I can put all of my projects to just be browsed over without much hierarchal structure.

So I’ve made a tumblr, which is predisposed for this type of organization. Also excited to see what the tumblr community is like. As a reader, I’ve never really considered it social media. But now that my posts are being “liked” I’m being “followed” and “reblogged” I can see, it’s a whole new can of cyber worms.


February 21st, 2014


Portrait of the artists' laundry #laundryexhibit #heavygela #xseande


XSE&E participated in this pop up gallery in a laundry mat.

The laundry mat was open and people were doing laundry. Myself included. I sold some work, and gave a really embarrassing interview for some show on the Ovation network. This is a truth about LA- dudes with cameras everywhere. 

Portrait of the artists’ laundry

June 17th, 2013




La Cosa shirts. Double sided/ reversible. Designed to be worn with the logo on the front, and to flash “the thing” you gotta flash your tits.



Reverse, stickers, and a giant dick after the jump.