August 17th, 2015




Heavy Gel’s website just went through some re-vamping. For those who are interested- this website is build in WordPress. I’m using a theme called aav1, originally built by Aaron Adam. I have custom coded the hell out of it, and of course there are numerous plugins at play as well.

Any good website, and especially one of a high production artist/studio, should always be in a state of flux and updating. I update with new posts about what we’re up to, frequently, but the site also changes to reflect what’s happening with Heavy Gel and the people involved.

The design update does away with a distinction between portfolio and store, where everything is easily purchasable through paypal. I’ve done some back end structural work that makes it way simpler and streamlined for us to post and have it appear exactly as it should in the layout. It’s way cleaner and more organized.

I’ve finally found the time after 3 years of operating, organizing, moving around, and promoting this screen printing and design studio to really get back to work on my art practice outside of screen printing. I’ve been working on several new series of paintings and collages in addition to new art prints and gig posters. So in this web revamping Heavy Gel will now be selling some of that original work. For the moment, I’ve just put up a page of collages, but check back soon for more original art, artist books, and show updates.


April 26th, 2015

All Extinct Animals Screen Printed T-Shirts

photo (5)

New screen printed t-shirts for All Extinct Animals, the noisy, tape manipluation, solo project,  of Anna Gregoline (Feedbacula, La Cosa)

June 28th, 2013

fAbric Album Printing


Just finished printing the covers for fAbric’s new album, Saturnalia.

Cover designed by Amber Marsh as 4 woodblock prints. 

November 15th, 2012

Triangle Wall Sculptures

Here are a few sketches for a three dimensional wall sculpture I’m working on. I’m planning to put the wood shop in the basement to good use by cutting a whole bunch of triangles and fitting them together with magnets so they will be repositionable. I’m hoping they can break apart into smaller pieces, or be combined into larger masses. Still deciding how much screen printing to incorporate,  or if I should just paint everything by hand.

days after drawing these I was still tracing triangles with my fingers on everything

October 10th, 2012


Heavy Gel is a brand new studio, gallery, and performance space in West Town Chicago.

Join us Nov 2nd for an art sale and talent show by our founding resident artists working in the mediums of


Duncan Allen Burns
Cait Stephens
Abe Homer
Bradley Hudson
Jeff Sherfey
Adam Jones
Christopher Moore


Gallery opens at 6PM, Show begins at 8PM.

2335 W LAKE