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Intro to photo emulsion screen printing

Feb 1st 1-4pm

This is a one day class run by Heavy Gel print shop and located at Limited Ink Studios. The class will cover the basics of screen printing with photo emulsion.

In this technique, a silkscreen is coated with a light sensitive emulsion and then exposed under a high intensity light with an opaque image or black film.

Students will learn about

  • prepping images for silk screens
  • mesh counts for printing on various materials and details
  • coating and burning screens
  • printing

Students should bring a silkscreen of any size, silkscreen ink or acrylic paint, (available at Blick, Blue Rooster, Baller Art, Artists and Craftsman) and whatever they’d like to print on: fabric, wood, paper, etc.

 Images must be in black and white to print (no greyscale).* Half tones are also acceptable.

Prior to class e-mail high quality images in the size you want them to print to PDF, Photoshop or Illustrator file preferred. Students may also cut stencils by hand*

*the black or opaque otherwise known as “positive” parts of the image are what will be exposed and washed out to be printed. If all this image prep info is completely new or you have questions, and I’ll help you out. :D

$80, all materials included (incl. silkscreen, which you can take home with you)






Circuit bending with XSE&E
Feb 8th 1-4pm

This is a one day tutorial on circuit bending toys, noise makers, and effects pedals. This is in no way hard science and previous knowledge about electronics, music, or annoying your roommates is NOT required! It’s very simple and experimental.

Students should each bring in one or two functioning BATTERY POWERED electronic toys, keyboards, effect pedals, or noisemakers. Simple is good here. The older the better, try to bring in something from the 80’s or 90’s. Newer electronics tend to use nano chips which are not impossible to bend but much much harder and easier to break. Do not bring in anything too precious, start small, circuit bending is an experimental procedure, save the gems for when you know more about what you’re doing.

We will open up these objects and change their lives and our own forever.

Students only need to bring in their toys and a pair of headphones but IF you’ve got them or foresee doing more of this after class, bring your:

  • soldering iron
  • wire clippers/ strippers
  • needle nose pliers
  • batteries
  • resistors, potentiometers
  • audio jacks
  • switches or buttons

$50, materials included